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Dear Kaman Auctions Customers,

Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, our online and physical auctions are temporarily suspended.  Our office location will remain open for pick up and drop off by appointment only.  Please contact us at (425) 640-5111 to schedule.

We will continue to send communication regarding updates on this situation and appreciate your understanding and patience.

Appointments will be available Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm.

Thank you and stay safe,

Lynn and Marci


Kaman Auctions and The Boys & Girls Clubs want to thank you for your support at this year's 4th Annual Anniversary & Charity Auction that was held on November 22. 

YOUR support is what makes this a worthwhile fund raising event work! Kaman Auctions and their Customers raised over $12,000 for the Boys & Girls Club again this year!

Check out a few of the great items that were donated and auctioned.  Click here for the full catalogue.

For those of you we have already met, you know that this auction house is a labor of love and commitment, to YOU, our customers!  This community is our home, not just a place to do business, and we want you to feel like family when you are here.  Thank you all for helping to make Kaman Auctions an asset to this community.  

To anyone who hasn't been in to see us yet, you should know that each week we make it easy to do business with us!  Come enjoy our high-energy, competent staff and service while getting your business of buying and selling cars done.

Call (425) 640-5111 or stop by to sign up today.  It's hassle-free and quick so we can get you back on the road.  

See you this Thursday!
-Lynn & Marci, Owners

Your Customized Auction

  • Convenient, local, personalized live auctions 
  • Wide-range of quality cars to choose from
  • Spend less time at auctions, more time at your dealership
  • Independent, unbiased marketplace
  • Reduced transportation time, costs and damage
  • First-class customer service
  • Complimentary catered lunch while you ‘kick the tires’
  • Close network of neighborhood buyers, sellers and staff
  • Located on Highway 99 in Edmonds just minutes from your dealership
  • Locally owned and operated by lifelong Pacific Northwest residents

Dealers are now able to floor their purchases at Kaman Auctions with AFC, Next Gear, Floorplan Express and Vehicle Acceptance Corporation.  

                                               Mike Harb & John Stomberg
                                           Kaman's Guardian Angels

Mike was a bright light. . . he lived life with passion. . . he led with his heart. . . he would give you the shirt off his own back. . . he was that kind of man.  Mike was Kaman's first buyer.  It was his leap of faith that forever changed our course.  His support leading the way in creating the loyal patronage we have today.  For that, we are eternally grateful. Thank you Mike.

John was an amazing man . . . . one in a million . . . . dedicated husband, loving father, kind friend, bright and hard working professional.  John was always looking for ways to assist us in growing Kaman       Auctions. His inspiration and encouragement are legendary and a fundamental part of Kaman.  In the quiet, we hear his voice.

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